Meet Louise

Hi Louise!

Hey Courtney

You’ve been at CNG for three years now and you’re one of our resident cut and colour specialists.

Yep and I’m here most days Wednesday through to Saturday.

Right lets get started then…..

What age did you decide you wanted to get in to hairdressing?

16 years old, just left school and had to look for a job as I turned down a place at college in beauty therapy didn’t like the thought of intimate waxing. Next best thing was hair dressing, got the first job I went for and I’ve loved it ever since.

How long have you been doing it?

*starts counting on fingers*
I’m on my 19th year now.

How did you get started?

I first started at a little salon in Allestree but decided I wanted to move in to a bigger salon in the city, I needed more!!!.

What’s your number one hair care tip?

Don’t wash your hair as much, realistically it only needs shampooing no more than two or three times a week. Oh and condition, condition, condition, protect your hair people. We all want beautiful hair; we must all use protection.

Who’s your hair idol?

Blue haired mermaids of course, get me that fishtail!

What hair product could you not live without?

Resurrection dust, it goes everywhere with me, in my purse, my bag; I have them all over the house.res-dust Puff it at the roots and the ends then massage in. It creates volume all the way through and all day long.


What’s your favourite hair service that you currently offer?

Anything that gets my brain ticking, love a good challenge.

What’s the next big thing in hair trends?

What goes around comes around ; 70s boho chic’ seems to be making its way through

again but anything goes nowadays.

What do you like to do outside of work?

Spending time with my family, playing Roller Derby when I have the time and heading to the gym. Spending lots of money on shoes, tattoos, lipsticks and live music is a big part of my life.


Rock on, metaaaaal!!!!!


What is the best moment or greatest achievement in your career?

There’s been a few so it’s hard to pin point just one, my careers been very fulfilling.

I have a very supportive family so I have hopefully many more good times to come.


Where do you want your career to take to take you?

To the moon and back, hahahaha.

And finally any last words?





Signature Hair

Anna Wintour has cracked it. She knows exactly what suits her and she’s stuck with it for pretty much all of her life.

Over the years the colour has lightened (wise move Anna, lighter colours are brighter and softer on your face as you age) but the cut has been virtually the same for over 20 years. If you’re smart you can try to date her by the outfits but never by her hair.

If you take a look at pictures of her from the 90’s,00’s and now 16′ she barely looks like she’s aged and part of this is down to that perfected cut.

The other parts are probably made up with exclusive skin treatments made from the slime trail of a north Indian slug collected only on a full moon in months with the letter ‘E’ in them. Not widely available for mere mortals such as you or I.

Up until recently, apart from a brief spell with dip dye in the early 2000’s, I have always had long, dark hair. Naturally curly, sometimes straightened.

My long dark hair was defiantly a comfort blanket. Nothing exciting but it suited me and I knew what worked with it.

Fast forward to last week, Chris has chopped it all off and Emma has dyed it blonde!!

I went shopping straight after, aside from catching reflections of myself and having to take a double take, I struggled for find anything colour-wise that went with my new hair.

Cue panic, had I made a disastrous mistake??
Nope, I now love my new hair so much, And you know what – it grows back! You can mix it up and have fun with your hair and then start all over again. A new cut or colour can instantly update your look.



If you find a cut and colour that you love, and it works for you like Anna, then stick with it as long as it makes you happy. But if you want a change then go for it, leave signature styles to the people who want them.